Kookaburra Herbal skin care began in 2004 when Lisa Stuart became disillusioned with the purity and quality of available products. This motivated Lisa to create quality natural creams using herbs and oils to nourish and care for the skin.

Our creams

photograph of roots in a jarKookaburra Herbal creams are handmade in small batches to guarantee freshness, stability and overall quality. The herbal tinctures are made fresh, from organic herbal roots and flowers. This freshness adds vitality and potency to the creams. Use these creams with confidence knowing they are made with natural Australian ingredients and will make a difference to the look and feel of your skin.

About Lisa - natural health foundations

photograph of Lisa StuartLisa Stuart was mentored by the renowned herbalist and naturopath Dorothy Hall, and also studied massage, iridology, anatomy and physiology at Nature Care College, Sydney. 

In 1998, a Bio-Energetic Medicine Course under the tuition of Bill Giles from the Canberra Medical Ecology Centre, enabled Lisa to utilise the Vega-test Analysis equipment in consultations. In 2000 she completed a Plant Identification, Herbal Tincture and Cream Manufacturing course at Pindari Herb Farm in Longford, Tasmania, along with courses in dowsing, reiki, and macrobiotic and ayurvedic cooking and healing.

Lisa worked as a Vega-test Analysis practitioner and naturopathic herbalist for many years.

She now manages and develops Kookaburra Herbal skincare and offers short nutritional cooking courses.